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Looking for some new and fresh online store ideas to start on a budget? Here are some great low-cost retail business ideas you could try right now!

We suppose you want to try your own business where you sell products directly to customers? In this case, retail is definitely the right direction. There are all kinds of businesses and different types of retail business ideas you could try. In this article, we will present some new and fresh online store ideas that won’t break the bank:

  1. Handmade business: If you love making handmade accessories, clothing, and etc. you can focus on selling your own unique creations. Etsy is one of the best platforms to try and sell your handmade products. Shopify is also a great platform. It helps you set up and launch your own online store in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Online retailer: If you want to sell your products to customers without investing in a physical store, the easiest way to get started is to open an ecommerce store. But, what is the best platform to sell online? Shopify, once again, is the best platform to use. There are other low-cost options like Amazon, eBay, and BigCommerce.
  3. Mobile retail boutique: If you want to run a physical retail store but you don’t want to invest in an expensive storefront, the perfect solution is building a mobile retail store using a camper or a vehicle that you can set up at events and fairs. Ecommerce solution Shopify, for example, allows you to run both physical and online stores. You can take advantage of Shopify POS (Point of Sale) system and you can accept payments quick and easy while selling through your physical store.
  4. Online record store: If you have a lot of old records, you can always open a shop that sells records. You can even have a system where you purchase inventory from your customers.
  1. T-shirt designer: Unique and cool t-shirts are always a popular product. Online platforms like Shopify and CafePress make it easy for sellers to add designs to t-shirts and other items and sell directly to online customers.
  2. Launch your own book: If you think you have the right skills, you can write a book to serve a specific demand and purpose in the market. Comic books, cookbooks, photo books, novels, and coffee table books are some of the most popular books sold out there. You can list your book for sale online and allow your customers to download and enjoy your creativity.
  3. Create courses and digital products: There are some interesting digital products like templates, music, and courses that are great business ideas to consider. The best thing is that they aren’t requiring manufacturing or shipping worries. The only problem is figuring out what makes a great digital product. What is good enough that people are interested to pay and download it. Shopify can provide you with a free digital download application that allows you to sell digital items in your store.
  4. Sell a service: When selling a service, you only have a few hours in your day to deliver the service. Designers, writers, photographers, developers, fitness trainers, house cleaners, and more can build a business around their skills. If you want, you can use the Book an Appointment or BookThatApp application for Shopify and allow your customers to schedule a consultation, session or purchase tickets to a class with you.

If you want to any of these online store ideas, you can start your own Shopify online store (no inventory is required) and start selling. We recommend you to first try the 14-day trial of Shopify and then start with designing your new online store!

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